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Selilng Your Home? Put Yourself In A Buyer's Shoes

David Giambruno

David Giambruno is a South Bay native with a true understanding and deep appreciation of the market...

David Giambruno is a South Bay native with a true understanding and deep appreciation of the market...

Jun 18 6 minutes read

One necessary, but understandably difficult thing to do when you decide to sell your home is changing your frame of mind from your home being “your home” to it being “your buyer’s new home”.

I help my clients with this of course, but ultimately the success of this step is up to them. Not only that, but the more my clients adopt this mentality, the easier it is for them to prepare the home for sale and ultimately the higher offer prices they will receive when it comes time to accept offers.

Putting Yourself In Your Buyer’s Shoes
When homeowners choose me to sell their home, they are basing their decision on my reputation, my prior successes and ultimately their feeling that I will be able to sell their home for the highest price possible, at the best terms possible. My knowledge of local market trends and my ability to bring qualified buyers into their home to tour it establishes me as a thought leader that can help them reach their goals.

Selling your home for top dollar means forgetting about what you think makes the home look great and working to prepare your home in a way that will attract potential buyers. One great exercise I go through whenever I sign a new listing is working with my clients to educate them. By giving them insight into the local market and the types of buyers that are looking for homes like theirs, my clients are able to set a framework for what they are going to need to do to prepare the home in a way that will get those potential buyers in the door.

How Do You Attract These Buyers To Check Out Your Home?
According to the National Association of Realtors®, the typical buyer starts their home search from their mobile device. The Internet is a major factor that determines whether or not a buyer will spend their valuable time driving out to your home to tour the property. Because of this, it has never been more important to present your home online in a way that will easily highlight the things that are most important to them, which are most likely to get them to want to purchase your home.

Videos, Photos & Virtual Home Tours
It is critical that you have a great video, photos and even a virtual home tour of your home. It’s important to note though that all these things are only as good as the subject. Based on this, your help preparing your home to shine is critical. Curb appeal has to be there for a photo to capture this allure. A must-get-inside street face has to exist to have buyers click or swipe for more details on your property. Think ahead if possible since some curbside beautification takes time. For instance, if you expect to sell in the spring, planting a lot of spring bulbs during the previous fall will be a great investment.

Nobody Knows Your Real Estate As Well As You Do
It’s true. Having lived in your home for all these years, you know the benefits and advantages of living in your home that photos or video may not show. Pinpointing the under the surface benefits that would be most interesting to your likely potential buyers will greatly help get buyers to your home to tour it. Tell them a story. Craft content marketing descriptions in your home’s ad copy that tell these stories and push potential buyers to the feeling that they MUST tour your property.

Most Buyers Are Looking To “Upsize”
Practically any buyer that tours your home is doing so because it is larger than where they currently live. Because of this, making every aspect of your home look as spacious as possible is critical. Empty closets, storage areas, and the garage, so it is evident there is room to spare. Remove extra furniture and “stuff” so rooms are visibly larger. Listen to your real estate professional. You’re going to move anyway, so get an early start.

Stage Your Home To Give Potential Buyers Visual Proof Of What Buying Your Home Will Ultimately Lead To
While staging does require some extra expense, you will more than make up for it in the final sale price of your home. Stage your home in a way that you feel will be most visually appealing to the type of buyer that is most likely to purchase your home. Generating “That’s our style!” or “I can see myself here” buyer reactions should be the goal. This transformation can greatly impact your bottom line.

Get Comfortable With The Idea That You (And Your Family) Will Be Temporarily Uncomfortable
While you go through the exercise of putting yourself fully in your likely buyer’s shoes, it’s important to know and accept that ultimately this is going to make you a little uncomfortable. Your home is no longer your home, it’s the home the next buyer is going to buy. As a result, you’re going to be setting it up in a way you most likely wouldn’t like your home set up. This won’t last forever of course, but it will last until it’s sold. Everything is about selling the “buyers new home” to them.

I Am Here To Help
If you are concerned that you can’t get a vision of who your home’s perfect buyers are, contact me anytime. I’m happy to meet with you, explain the current market and put together the best plan that will sell your home the fastest, for the highest price possible. “Time on the market” is a crucial factor for achieving the best sale price. Wasting time means wasting your money.

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